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Protect Your Septic System From Misuse Without Being Rude

Septic System
While every guest you invite into your home will likely follow your septic use rules, some are much better (and more conscientious) at remembering these things than others. And you don't want to follow your guests around all day watching their every move, refuse to let them use your toilets at all, or resort to other inhospitable methods.
Here are some tips for protecting your system from guests without being perceived as rude or unreasonable. 
1. Use Visual Reminders
A simple list of house rules is reasonable, especially if you frequently have people staying over or have a lot of guests at once. Think up a few additional rules to go with your septic use rules. For example, if you expect people to remove shoes when coming indoors, put that on the list, as well as a list of things not to flush down the toilet. Then print off the list and post it in the bathrooms and the guest rooms.
2. Make Rules Easy to Follow
Psychologically speaking, one of the best ways to get people to agree to something is to make it easy for them. For example, a cute but spacious wastebasket next to each toilet will make it easier for guests to dispose of waste there rather than flushing it.
This is another good place to use a visual aid; you could place a cute sign or note above the wastebasket saying, please place all trash here; the septic system can't handle it.
If you frequently have so many visitors staying over that the septic system start lagging, you may want to consider more permanent changes as well. You can easily modify your toilet with a dual-flush capability or replace it with a low-flow model and do the same with other appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines.
You can also replace your showerhead with a low-flow one and stall low-flow aerators on all the faucets; often you can replace your showerhead on your own. These modifications will make reducing water use and avoiding overwhelming your system much easier.
3. Emphasize Differences Between Septic and Sewer
Many guests may not realize just how different a septic system is from the city sewers they're used to, which can make your requests not to flush trash seem finicky and unreasonable. Just explain that a septic system doesn't work like a sewer; it's only equipped to deal with toilet tissue and human waste, and it has a limited capacity.
You can also mention that the septic system can back up if too much trash is flushed. Yes, flushed trash from your guests won't cause a guaranteed backup while they're still around, especially if they're not staying that long. However, a backup could happen and create an unpleasant situation for them, so mentioning the possibility provides a practical incentive.
4. Consider Pumping Tank in Advance
Tank maintenance isn't always the answer to problems, and it won't solve a saturated drainfield or pipes blocked by tree roots. Still, you should have it pumped on a regular basis. If you anticipate hosting a large partyes, for example, you might want to consider having your tank pumped and inspected in advance.
This is especially important if the tank hasn't been pumped in a while or if you suspect that further maintenance or repairs might be needed before the party. Your contractor can't access and inspect the inside of the tank thoroughly without pumping it, and it may need to be pumped out before certain repairs (such as replacing baffles) as well.
These four tips will help you keep your guests in mind of safe septic use without policing their every move or nagging at them throughout the day. Instead, you can sit back and enjoy the party.
If you'd like help installing low-flow appliances, investigating a slow drain, or pumping out your septic tank, get in touch with 1A Florida Plumbing Inc. today. We provide both septic and plumbing services to the Miami-Dade and Broward County areas.