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4 Ways to Avoid Plumbing Clogs This Summer

Plumbing clogs can be a big drag, especially in the summer when you're having yard parties and taking care of kids off from school. Luckily, you can do a few things to avoid clogs in your plumbing this summer. These tips will help you take care of your pipes and keep your home safe from clogs.

1. Watch What Goes Down the Drain

You can easily flush things down the drain that shouldn't go there, especially in the summer. When summer barbecues are taking place, grease and oils from the meal can easily end up in the pipes. All of this oil starts off as a liquid, but it eventually becomes a solid as the oil cools off and congeals. When this happens, clogs can form in your pipes.

The best way to avoid this problem is to allow oils and fats to congeal in a container in the fridge, and then throw them away in their solid state. If you don't want to wait for the fats and oils to congeal in your refrigerator, you can also dump the oil into a sandwich baggie as a liquid and throw the baggie away.

In addition to oils, you should avoid flushing other things down your drains. Never flush stringy foods (like corn husks) into your garbage disposal, and never flush potato peels or meat bones. All of these things can clog the components of your garbage disposal.

If you're having a big barbecue, consider serving food on paper plates and put the garbage can within reach of the eating area. This way, people will be able to throw away their food scraps and you won't have guests throwing things in the garbage disposal that don't belong there.

2. Monitor Toilet Usage

As soon as the kids come home from school, the toilets start getting flushed a lot more frequently. You can help ensure that everything will flow through the pipes and into the septic tank or sewer easier if you switch to a thin, one-ply toilet paper.

You should also keep the baby wipes out of the bathroom where your children might use them instead of toilet paper. This way, even if your toilets are being used a lot more than normal, your toilets are unlikely to clog from all the excess toilet paper.  

3. Keep Hair In the Garbage

People are known to shave more often during the summer, either to achieve a smooth clean look, or to get rid of extra hair that could prevent them from cooling off. But hair should never go down the drain in the bathroom.

People who plan to shave extra in the months to come should use a drain filter to catch hair and prevent it from going down the drain. Hair that is caught should be thrown away.

4. Watch for Septic or Sewer Trouble

Summer is a time when many septic systems and sewer systems are compromised by tree roots. Tree roots grow naturally toward sources of water, so tree roots commonly grow into main lines during the summer, when plants grow the most. Tree roots in the lines can cause the septic or sewer system to back up. Homeowners worried about this problem should watch for issues like slow drains and strange gurgling noises in the drains. 
You can avoid clogs this summer by following these tips. For more information, contact a local plumbing expert in your area. And if your drains become clogged, contact a plumber in your area right away.

At 1A Florida Plumbing, Inc., we're happy to answer homeowner questions about how to avoid clogs. To find out more, contact us today.