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4 Shower Habits That Could Damage Your Plumbing

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Are you a shower villain? Chances are, you're breaking cardinal plumbing rules during shower time and you don't even know it. Learn what mistakes you need to avoid to keep your showers comfortable instead of costly.
1. Using Body Oils
To keep your skin looking healthy and vibrant, you need to moisturize your skin. When you're in a rush, the shower seems like the perfect place to douse your skin with body oils. Try to resist the urge if your product of choice is a heavy oil like coconut oil.
Coconut oil is in a solidified state and only liquefies when rubbed between your palms for a few seconds. Any residual oil that flows down the drain will return to its solidified state, where it can form a clog that will cause draining issues. These oils can also the shower floor dangerously slippery.
You can still apply your favorite oil, but wait until you're out the shower. 
2. Forgetting Drain Guards
If you wash your hair in the shower, you don't have to stop, but you do need to ensure you're using a drain guard. Did you know that you can shed as many as 100 strands of hair every day? While this hair will fall out throughout the day, as you rough your hair up during the shampoo process, a large portion of the hairs is bound to fall out during this time.
If your partner is also washing their hair every day, by the end of the week, you could have hundreds of strands of hair collected in your drain. Before long, the water will back up and shower time will feel more like bath time. Drain guards rest over the opening of the drain and prevent hair and other objects from going down to prevent this problem.
3. Choosing Antibacterial Soaps
Antibacterial soaps are thought to offer the ultimate in cleaning power. However, if your home has a septic system, these soaps are too clean. Septic tanks are all about balance. To keep the tank from overfilling, all septic tanks have good bacteria inside of them. As large waste products settle in the tank, the good bacteria attack it and causes it to deteriorate over time.
The bacteria fighting agents in the soap aren't advanced enough to differentiate between good and bad bacteria, which means they will kill the bacteria in the tank that's keeping your system healthy. Switch to a regular soap to get clean without damaging your septic system. 
4. Filling Showerhead Caddies
Most people need several items to shower. Body washes, face cleanser, shampoo, conditioner, loofas - the list goes on. Even more important is finding a convenient place to store all these items. People often turn to shower caddies to satisfy this need.
But if you're using a shower caddy that rests over your showerhead, you could be doing more harm than good. A bottle of shampoo doesn't seem heavy on its own, but when you add all the other items that you and your family store in the shower, it will all add up.
When you couple this with the fact that your showerhead is not designed to support weight, you could cause your showerhead to break. If the caddy is especially heavy, the weight could even snap off the connection that supports the showerhead. The wiser storage solution would be a corner shower caddy so you don't put your shower in jeopardy.
Are you guilty of these mistakes? Use this advice to avoid a mishap that could be costly to repair. For more ways to keep your plumbing system healthy, contact, 1A Florida Plumbing Inc.